Ristorante La Barcaccia - Monterosso
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The "La Barcaccia" restaurant

is located in one of the most beautiful and characteristic places in Italy and the world:

"The Cinque Terre National Park".

Man's labours during the centuries, have shaped the territory without altering its delicate ecological balance, enhancing its beauty. The technique of building dry stone walls, was born to enable the use of every last corner of land up to the sea, creating one of the most fascinating landscapes in Liguria.

In this magical place, the mountains seem to dive into the deep blue of the sea, still untouched and clean.

Monterosso al Mare is the first village of the Cinque Terre ( five lands ) approaching from Genoa , and has been described by Eugenio Montale ( Nobel Prize for literature, 1975 ) as "the austere, rocky village, sanctuary of fishermen and farmers".

The tourist may choose between the bathing locality - Fegina - where the restaurant is situated, or visit the colourful medieval centre.